Safe Relocation & Removal Form

In order for us to provide the best possible service, we have put together this small questionnaire designed to help you with providing the necessary information needed for us to quote the best price. We don’t expect you to know everything, so only complete what you can on this form.

It is also helpful if you could take photos or a small walk through video, and send it to for us to view.

Below are some examples of the photos forwarded to us that could assist us with understanding your situation.

    Tell Us About Yourself

    Business Name (if applicable)

    Contact Name

    Phone Number

    Site Contact Name (if different from above)

    Site Contact Phone Number

    Preferred Date(s) for work required

    What type of service is required

    External Measurements of the Safe(s) - Please provide height, width, and depth (mm)

    Pickup Address

    Please Advise Access Details at the Pick-up Location - e.g. stairs, lift access, steps, slopes, fragile flooring, etc.

    Delivery Address

    Please Advice Access Details at the Delivery Location (if applicable) - e.g. stairs, lift access, steps, slopes, fragile flooring, etc.

    Is the Safe Bolted to the Floor or Wall?

    If Yes, Give Details Below - the safe needs to be open and accessible on the day

    If Relocating From Premise to Another Location, Will it be Installed and bolted?

    Is the Safe Opened or Locked?

    If Locked, Do You Have The Key/Combination/Digital Code?

    Can It Be Opened?

    If the Safe Relocation Involves A Lift, Please Provide the Lift Weight Capacity

    Is the Premise a

    Please Specify if Any of the Following is Required

    Is There a Loading Bay?

    Please Specify Below Any Restrictions on the Loading Bay if Applicable. e.g. booking requirements / time restrictions.

    Is There A ForkLift On Site?

    Please Specify Below Any Parking Restrictions or Difficulties at Location(s)
    (e.g. narrow street, one way, busy road, vehicle height restrictions, or others)

    Please Provide Us with Any Additional Information or Conditions You Think May Be Relevant to the Job