Disclaimer & Terms of Service

The information displayed on and referred to in Safeguard Safes website is there for your convenience to assist you with any enquires you may have about our products and services.

We have taken all reasonable care to provide information that is precise however we cannot guarantee it has no mistakes, omissions oversights for the intended works.

Safeguard Safes recommends that you seek your own independent advice before you proceed on any information on this site as we hold no responsibility for damage, loss, costs or expenses whether (direct or indirect) incurred by you as a result of mistakes, omissions or misrepresentations on this site.

Important Notes:

Please read these terms and conditions and disclaimer carefully. You agree to be bound by our terms and conditions and disclaimer (as below) by:
  • Signing our quote for the job
  • Sending us a purchase order or a purchase order number
  • Sending us a confirmation to book in the job via email, text or any other written or verbal correspondence
  • Paying for a job or a part of a job via any method

Payment Terms:

For non-account customers, On acceptance of our quote for goods or services, a 50% deposit or full payment is required to secure the goods or services at the offered price. The balance must be paid in full prior to any works being processed or commenced.

For account customers, payment is required as per account terms

The goods remain the property of Safeguard Safes until full payment is made.


Strictly 48 hour notice for cancellation or rescheduling of any scheduled job is required in writing. A $295 plus GST of booking fee will otherwise apply.


Should any unforeseen circumstances occur, potentially resulting in any variations to the original costs, Safeguard Safes Pty Ltd would advise the client as soon as possible to discuss other options, additional costs and client’s instructions prior to any further work being carried out.

Please Note: The initial quote and payment will still apply regardless if the client decides not to go ahead with any additional works at further costs.

Delivery & Installation: including

  • Delivery of safe to site
  • Unloading of the safe, via crane truck, by our experienced installation technicians
  • Manoeuvring the safe through your site and into an allocated installation area
  • Securely anchoring the safe into a solid surface using high tensile anchoring bolts.
  • Demonstrating on the Electronic Digital lock operation

It is the clients’ responsibilities to check and ensure on the delivery day that all keys/ combinations/ digital codes (internal & external) are provided, working, and demonstrated on site by Safeguard Safes’ technicians, and that all goods are received in good working condition without any damage.

It is the clients’ responsibilities to check, and make sure that the final position of the product is correct. Failure to do so will give rise to charges where a return service is required.

Please also read the below Site Access and Conditions in conjunction with “Delivery & Installation”

Site Access and Conditions:

Our safe removalist/installers are highly experienced and follow strict OH&S requirements to ensure great care is taken during removal/installation. Safeguard Safes carry the necessary insurances even in the unlikely event that damaged is caused. An excess charge of $1,000.00 + GST applies to the client for any such occurrence.

Unless other prior arrangements have been made and stated above, prices are based on clear and easy ground level access with no stairs or steps (allowance for one step provided as standard) with parking arranged in close proximity to the entry/exit point to where the safe is situated.

It is the client’s responsibilities to ensure a clear, unimpeded, and structurally sound pathway to travel the safe along. It is also the client’s responsibilities to inform Safeguard Safes Pty Ltd’s staff of any additional information regarding safety requirements on site. Failure to do so may result in additional costs for additional time and hire of equipment such forklift, stair climber, gantry crane etc. which needs to be organised in advance (example: additional costs due to unexpected steps, stairs, tile flooring, carpet, concrete, floating floor etc.)

The client must ensure the floor supporting the safe in its final position is structurally sound to carry such weight. All on site factors (site contact availability, flooring, access, traffic management control, site parking, stairs, site induction…) must be communicated to our consultants, whilst booking in the goods or services, to avoid and prevent delays or additional costs which may arise on site. If our technicians are held up on site, preventing them to commence, carry out or complete the works, through no fault of our service, charges will apply for the idle time of $150 plus gst per person per hour. If we cannot carry out the works at all due to restrictions, conditions, or circumstances, through no fault of our service, a failed safe delivery of $295.00 plus GST and the attendance fee applies of $150 plus GST per person per hour. If a return delivery is required the original quoted fee will apply as a separate charge.

If a safe is required to go up or down a lift this will depend of the capacity of the lift and the weight of the safe, if lift technicians are required to attend, the client will need to arrange such works and take full responsibility for all works while we will take instructions and be guided via lift technicians for the capability and capacity of the said lift to conduct and manager the works but take no liability resulting in any damage or interruption or any unforeseen circumstances.

Bolting and Drilling:

Although all care is taken when conducting such works, the full responsibility of checking for services in the floor or wall etc., which will need to be penetrated, lies with the client, who requests such works. In the unlikely event of any damage or interruption that may occur during this process Safeguard Safes Pty Ltd takes no liability. If a client has any concerns on this issue, we highly recommend that they arrange a slab scan or similar safety and structure checks, prior to approving works conducted by Safeguard Safes Pty Ltd. It is also advisable to obtain approval from the correct authority for example landlord, centre management etc. for such works.

Safe Rentals:

Client is to satisfy themselves at the commencement that the safe is suitable for their purpose. If safe is delivered but does not meet clients requirements then further delivery charges will apply.

The client is to ensure that all persons operating the Locking mechanism on the safe are suitably instructed in its use. Onsite safe service charges will apply if a safe technician is required on site to repair a fault caused by user error.

Client is to report & Provide full details to Safeguard of any damage to the safe within two(2) business days of the Damage occurring and the client must not Tamper with, damage or repair the equipment or lose/part with possession of the safe.

Before commencement (or as otherwise specifically agreed with Safeguard) the customer is to pay the complete hire charge including the delivery/installation charges and applicable Bond for the safe. Immediately on request by Safeguard the customer will pay:

  1. The new list price of the safe which is for whatever reason not returned to Safeguard as the customer is responsible for the loss or theft of the equipment.
  2. All costs incurred in cleaning or repairing any damage to the safe caused or contributed to by the client.
  3. All costs incurred by Safeguard in delivering or removing the safe from site which includes long delays on site and failed deliveries.


Without limiting the ability of Safeguard to recover all amounts owing to it, the customer authorises Safeguard to charge amounts owing by the customer to any credit card or account details provided by Safeguard.