Safe Deposit Locker Vaults

Safety Deposit Locker Vault

Safeguard Safes & Vaults has been the preferred supplier of high security deposit box storage vaults for over 35 years. We have designed, supplied and installed our deposit box storage vault system to some of Australia’s largest projects such as leading Banks & Financial Institutions, Government Departments, Correctional Facilities, Hotels & Resorts, Casinos and many Commercial & Private owned sectors.

Our professional vault specialists and engineers can provide expert advice based on years of experience with major vault projects. They will assess your specific needs and custom design a safety deposit box vault which will deliver the ultimate in security whilst offering the latest design improvements in high security vault technology.

For further information regarding Classified Information Storage Vaults simply call us on
1300 764 971 and speak directly to a vault expert or go to our contact page.

Safeguard Safes also offers a reliable and efficient safe and vault removal service. So if you need your safe relocated in your home, office or moved to another location we can help. Or if you no longer need your safe we can take it away and dispose of it.

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