Medical Marijuana Vaults

Medical Marijuana Vaults

Safeguard Safes & Vaults is a leading provider of advanced high security modular vaults system that incorporate the latest improvements in safe & vault security. With over 35 years experience in the industry we’ve became a resource to many Goverment departments, renowned medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies and both the commercial and private sectors all over Australia. The use of cannabis in the medical industry has dramatically increased over the years as more states legalise marijuana for medicinal purposes. So whether you are cultivating, processing or dispensering cannabis
it’s essential to protect & secure inventory, resources and associated cash profits.

Our modular vault strongrooms are independently tested by ECB.S and are subjected to rigorous tests to meet Australia regulation security standards such as EN1143-1 for burglary protection in Grades II, III & IV. And various other vaults have been granted Grade 4 level according to EN1627-1630 standard, ensuring you of Australian approval. We also carry SCEC Endorsed ASIO-T4 approved vaults and strongrooms.

There are various locking options available on all models such as proximity swipe card, access control, audit trial reporting, multiple users or customers can custom design the functions and features they require to meet their individual needs.

High Security Marijuana Vaults

“What you need in a Marijuana Vault”
We will design, manufacture and install a cannabis vault that meets your needs. Our modular demountable Instavaults have Class M panels as used by most pharmaceutical vaults and the same should be considered by growers for storing large amounts of cannabis. Our prefabricated moduleguard vaults are easy to assemble and install on-site to both new and existing building that require a high security strongroom storage facility for money, importants documents, precious metals or other valuables. Adaptable for most areas even those with limited space or areas located on upper levels where floor loading may be a concern. Our prefabricated light weight panels will solve the problem. The flexibility of our vaults is that they can be easily modified at a future date. Panels can be removed, expanded or relocated by installers. If you should need to move premises the modular vault can be disassembled and relocated into an appropriate area of your new building.

For further information regarding Medical Marijuana Safes simply call us on 1300 764 971 and speak directly to a safe expert or go to our contact page.

Safeguard Safes also offers a reliable and efficient safe and vault removal service. So if you need your safe relocated in your home, office or moved to another location we can help. Or if you no longer need your safe we can take it away and dispose of it.

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