Vaults and Strongroom Doors

Vaults and Strong room doors

At Safeguard Safes & Vaults we offer a variety of high security vaults & vault doors along with a large selection of strongroom doors & frames. And all come with regulatory and security standards such as UL608 Listed, SCEC Endorsed – ASIO-T4, AS/NZS3809 levels 7 to 13 along with meeting Class M 1, 2, & 3 ratings. They also comes provided with a BCA compliant emergency internal release mechanism as standard. The main difference between a vault door and a strongroom door is that usually a vault door is designed to be used in conjunction with a purpose built vault. A strongroom on the other hand can usually be much lighter and easily fitted into a new wall or existing building offering flexibility to create your very own strongroom or panic room in your home or business.

Ideal for Residential Properties, Armoury Rooms, Panic Rooms, Retail & Business facility storage room, storage of Pharmaceutical Cannabis Dispensaries, rooms for safeguarding classified information or expenses with cellar door or any room to secure expensive valuables.

We also have heavy duty high security strongroom doors and frames. A preferred option by Bank & Financial Institutions, Government & Military Departments, Correctional Facilities, Jewellery & Precious Metal Businesses or any situation where a high level of security is required. Our high security TDR (Torch & Drill Resisting) vault doors are a perfect solution to protect valuable bulk assets inside a modular vaults strongroom. They are designed to resist all known forms of professional attack by such methods as Oxy-Acetylene, High Powered Drills & Grinders, Pneumatic & Hydraulic tools, Explosives & Force, etc.

Custom size vault or strongroom doors are available for special applications. We will design and manufacture vault & strongroom doors based on our clients requirements in any configuration for example extra wide, single or double doors, any size, made to be left or right-hand hinged opening complemented by your preferred locking option. Such as Dual locking by High Security Electronic Digital lock supported by a high security combination dial lock or Anti-pick safe Key Lock. The vaults and vaults doors are all compliant with the specific regulatory standards such as SCEC, UL608, AS/NZS3809:1998_EU Standard. Safeguard has over 35 years experience in the design, delivery, installation of high security vault & strongroom doors. We are known for our expertise and recognised as the vault experts and the preferred No. 1 partner for most major safe & vault suppliers in Australia, including Chubb Safes & Vaults, CMI Strongroom Doors & Safes, Lord Safes & Vaults, Wormald Safes & Vaults, Gunnebo Safes & Vaults, API Safes & Vaults, Burg Wachter Safes, Falcon Safes & Vaults, Diplomat Safes.

To learn more, speak to our Safes & Vault Professionals that will provide you with the latest developments in expert advice based on years of experience and industry expertise.

For further information regarding Vaults & Strongroom doors simply call us on 1300 764 971 and speak directly to a vault & strongroom door expert or go to our contact page.

Safeguard Safes also offers a reliable and efficient safe and vault removal service. So if you need your safe relocated in your home, office or moved to another location we can help. Or if you no longer need your safe we can take it away and dispose of it.

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