Why we believe Safeguard Safes should be your first choice for safe sales, installation & deliveries


With over 55 years experience in the safe and vault industry our installation and delivery services have been offering a professional, reliable and efficient service for moving and installing safes and vaults Australia wide.

Skill and expertise:

When we deliver and install your safe you can have peace of mind knowing that it has been delivered, handled and installed by professional safe technicians who have the skill, knowledge and expertise to provide the highest standards of workmanship to provide the optimum level of security for your safe.


Our safe technicians are fully aware that when they are performing work on site, your security is of the highest importance which they take very seriously. We ensure that all our technicians are qualified licensed professionals who are police cleared assuring you of security & confidentiality. We also have the provision of unmarked safe delivery vehicles for a discreet delivery and installation service.

Expert guarantee:

We provide a 100% Expert Service Guarantee so if you are not totally satisfied with our safe delivery or performed installation, we will promptly address your concerns so as to complete the works to your 100% total satisfaction. This is our commitment to you and upholding professional standards.

Quality assured:

All our delivery and installation services are in accordance with strict quality assured work instructions and OH&S documented policies and procedures therefore you can be assured of high standard installations and delivery services.


Safeguard Safes takes the utmost care when moving safes and we carry adequate insurances in the unlikely event of an unfortunate mishap. This will ensure peace of mind knowing there is protection against loss or damages. Certificates of insurances are available on our website, risk assessments and safe method statement may be obtained if required.


Once your safe or vault has been delivered or installed we offer a 24/7 phone support service to assist you with any issues or further guidance you may require. Another reason to make sure that you call Safeguard Safes – the safe and vault experts.

Specialised industry standard equipment:

Avoid serious risk of injury to you or damage to your safe by having it delivered and installed professionally by Safeguard Safes. We will install and bold your safe down to comply with the manufacturer’s standards providing the optimum level of security to your safe to protect your cash and valuables. Keep in mind that moving or installing a safe requires specialised skills. We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to ensure it is done safely, professionally and efficiently with minimal disruption to you, your home or business.

Moving, relocating or installing a safe or vault can be very dangerous as they are normally very large or extremely heavy and require a large range of specialised lifting and moving equipment such as trucks with heaving lifting cranes attached to reach those high and difficult locations as well as heavy duty robotic stair climbing equipment to overcome stairwells. We also provide air trolley systems that allow a cushion effect in order to protect surfaces.


From this overview of our safe delivery and installation service you can see this depth of experience and professionalism we can offer.