Safe Identification

Looking for a safe identification service?

In a business or domestic environment, you may inherit a safe(s) that has nothing on them to give any clear identification of the safe’s maker name, model number or series. This makes it extremely difficult when sorting out and arranging cover with your insurance company, or for your own peace of mind. You need to identify the safe in order to obtain a clear understanding of the quality of the safe, which is very important because safes are used to store and protect your most valuable assets.

With over 55 years of combined experience in the safe and vault industry, our safe experts with their skill and knowledge are confident they can identify every model and every brand of safe to help you establish the name, quality and security level of any old or obsolete safe(s). We could also give you a professional opinion of its suggested insurance level. If upgrading is needed, we can provide a number of options to increase its security features.

Simply email over a clear photograph or small mobile video of the safe(s) you need identifying, preferably on the front of the safe and one with its door open & handle turned so bolt works are out and visible.

After receiving the information, we will respond with our expert opinion as to the safe’s make & model, quality, as well as our point of view on its insurance rating at no charge.

Examples of Safes We Have Successfully Identified

Here are some examples on the safes we received in the past with no indication what-so-ever on its maker, model, or insurance level. Our Experts were able to successfully identify them based on our experience and expertise.

We could provide you with the same assistance, simply send us a photo or video, and expect an answer from us free of charge.