We’ve been doing this for a long time,
naturally people talk


“I am a lawyer and my data on paper and in digital files is my entire work. If anything happens to that data I would be in deep trouble. I contacted Safeguard Safes a few months back through their website and the next day someone was in contact with me, ready to assist me. I don’t really know much about what safes can do but they explained to me the fire ratings and what I need. I picked a great safe and it really gives me peace of mind.”

Patrick Collins

“When I need assistance with anything safe related I know I should contact Safeguard Safes before I contact anyone else. It is really convenient to be able to get all my safes sorted at once and from a place that is willing to come to me, collect my safe and then bring it back when they have fixed it. They stock so many different kinds of safes I know I will always be able to find one that meets my needs without much effort.”

Zoey Fisher

“Our large security safe is an important part of our business, but over time it started to look a little worse for wear and wasn’t able to keep up with the demands of our growing business and its heightened security needs. We contacted Safeguard Safes to assist us with refurbishing this safe, and they went the extra mile by removing it, taking it away for refurbishment as well as returning and installing it. This allowed us to get on with business with minimal disruption, and without having to replace the safe at a higher cost. Thanks to Safeguard Safes for their fast, professional service!”

Cassidy Mckenzie

“My high-profile events company frequently hosts gatherings where security is a top priority and the products being showcased require a high-level security solution for the peace of mind of our suppliers and our clients. I have used Safeguard Safes for every one of these occasions – ranging from those attended by dozens to events attended by hundreds. Each and every time they deliver exactly what I need. Why hire a mobile event locker when I can get a cutting-edge security safe that more than meets my needs? Having a digital safe allows me to run a well-organised event without having to worry about confusing codes and missing keys.”

Cesar Burgess

“I have always felt it’s better to be safe than sorry, which is why my law firm uses a fire resistant cabinet to store all our confidential documents. I know that I am the only one that can access the documents, but it’s really convenient for me to have it on the site too. When there was a small office fire in the next door building, I felt safe knowing that if the fire reached my office, I would have the time to save my files.”

Ralph Whitehead