Pharmaceutical Storage Vaults

Pharmaceutical & Cannabis Storage Vaults

We are the preferred supplier of High Security Pharmaceutical modular vaults and strongrooms to protect the bulk storage of schedule 8 drugs, dangerous & addictive drugs and other controlled substances. Safeguard Safes & Vaults is recognised in Australia as the leader in providing high security pharmaceutical vaults and drug safes across the medical industry such as Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Distributors, Hospitals & Health Institutions, Pharmacies & Medical Clinics, Medical Marijuana & Cannabis Facilities, etc. With over 35 years of experience in the safe & vault industry, we have been a major resource to Governments & Health care sectors of Australia.

Our pharmaceutical vaults offer various security ratings for quick, easy and flexible installations to protect high value bulk assets. They can be extended, reduced and relocated should your requirements change in the future. With an exceptional level of burglary resistance protection and light weight panels, they are the first choice for those demanding the highest level of quality in high-end modular demountable vaults. Our vaults & strongroom panels have been independently tested to ECB.S and certified in accordance with EN1143-1 and grades IX – XIII. They are also available in various specifications such as SCEC Endorsed and ASIO-T4 approved with AS/NZS3809:1998 and UL608 certified.

The Right Pharmaceutical Vault

The Instavault strongrooms can be built into existing building structures and customised to meet the required area dimensions. Ideal where a high level of security is required for example Cash-Counting Rooms, Pharmaceutical Drug Storage, Classified Information Storage and Armoury Rooms, etc.

There are various locking options available on all models such as proximity swipe card, access control, audit trial reporting, multiple users or customers can custom design the functions and features they require to meet their individual needs.Our pharmaceutical vaults are designed and manufactured in accordance with Australia Health Departments Specifications. We have a thorough understanding of regulatory standards and industry security requirements. This ensures that our vaults are in compliance with all governing specifications. We will design, manufacture, deliver and assemble a pharmaceutical modular vault to meet your operational requirements.

Safeguard’s professional security vault advisers and engineers can provide expert advice based on years of experience with major vault projects. Our in-depth and up-to-date knowledge allows us to provide project specification and management schedules in conjuction with your architects and builders.

Safeguard safes can advise you on:

  • pre-planning – you will need a comprehensive plan which outlines how you will meet government requirements and regulations. We can also review your government applications and provide expert advice about strategy and implementation.
  • forward planning – let’s look at what pharmaceutical storage solutions will meet your needs now and into the future.
  • security strategy – you will need a robust, professional and compliant security plan.

For further information regarding Medical Marijuana Safes simply call us on 1300 764 971 and speak directly to a safe expert or go to our contact page.

Safeguard Safes also offers a reliable and efficient safe and vault removal service. So if you need your safe relocated in your home, office or moved to another location we can help. Or if you no longer need your safe we can take it away and dispose of it.

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