Top 10 Tips

Top 10 tips to ask before buying a safe

Selecting a safe made easy!

This guide provides practical advice and tips to help you make the right choice in selecting a home safe or business safe to cater for the level of security and protection you require.

A certified fire resistant safe is specifically designed to help protect your paper records against fire, humidity, and smoke but typically offers minimum burglary protection.

A certified theft resistant safe is specifically designed with security features that provide a high level of defence against theft and burglary.

A certified theft and fire resistant safe is specifically designed to provide protection against both fire and theft, and remember you should only buy a certified safe for their security and fire ratings.

Highly valuable assets such as: jewellery, watches, cash, laptops, cameras and irreplaceable items or original documents will need to be stored in a strong theft and fire resisting certified safe.

Paper documents such as: private records, certificates, titles or wills need to be stored in certified resisting safe

Computer data software such as: diskettes, sensitive digital devices, photos, negatives and CD’s need to be stored in certified data media fire resistant safes.

Fire arms such as: rifles safes, hand gun safes, and pistol safes need to be stored in a safe that complies with the legal requirements for the storage of fire arms.

One way to do this is if you were to lose everything in the safe, what would you have the total amount insured for at this very moment. Based on this amount you can select a quality safe with fire and cash rating, that will cater for your security concerns as well as insurance companies coverage as the higher the safes security grade is the more insurance coverage you can receive for the safes contents.

You need to consider what you want to store in the safe now and make allowance for the fact that you will acquire more valuables in the future so don’t choose a safe that will end up being too small because sooner or later you’ll appreciate the room in a larger safe.

We offer a professional safe installation and delivery service Australia wide. Our safe technicians understand the importance of the work trusted in them so you can be assured of complete confidentiality and discreteness combined with the confidence of knowing that your safe has been handled and delivered with care. Our installation team are licensed accredited professionals who have the knowledge, skill and expertise based on years of experience servicing clients with similar safe needs as you, so you will have total peace of mind knowing  your safe will be installed to the highest standards to provide optimum protection.

Always take measurements of area’s that you are considering for the final location of your safe prior to purchasing as safes are heavy and tricky to move so the last thing you want is to purchase a safe and when you get home, find that it doesn’t fit where you want it.

You also have to take into account for door sizes and safe heights as well as any stairs or weight restrictions to consider for your floor. Always allow for extra depth on safe to take into consideration for hinges, digital’s and handles, this will verify on each model of safe.

When you answer this question remember a safe purchase will be a life time security investment so it is rarely a good idea to compromise on the security of the safe to save money. So make sure the safe you buy has a cash and fire rating certification, and is also appropriate for the valuables you are securing. You can be confident with your safe purchase knowing that the manufacturer gives a 100% warranty on their safes. Another benefit of purchasing a premium quality safe is that most insurance companies will usually apply discounts to your insurance policy when valuables and cash are stored in a certified safe.
Also, keep in mind the additional costs of the delivery and installation if this is required, including bolting down of your safe into a secure location to give it optimum security.

Pre-used safes or secondhand safes when purchased from Safeguard Safes will be the best you can buy and will be supplied with a full warranty so you can have complete peace of mind when buying a pre-used safe from us. We have Australia’s largest range of refurbished safes including prestige brands such as Victoria Safes, Lord Safes, CHUBB Safes, Ratner Safes, CMI Safes, Kumahira Safes, Milliner Safes, Ajax Safes, John Tann Safes, Wormald Safes etc. We also have a large selection of antique safes, vintage safes and heritage safes.

Apart from saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a high security pre-used safe that will increase in value over time you will also be buying a product which was made when craftsmanship and integrity was based on producing superior quality safes which provides exceptional strength.

Our safe advisers are accredited professionals who have the knowledge to provide expert safe advice based on years of experience helping customers with similar needs to yours when it comes to buying a safe. So don’t put your precious valuables and private information at risk by purchasing a cheap low quality safe the offers little protection and security from a common retail store or hardware store, and also receiving safe advice from an unqualified sales person.

Unfortunately, the safe market is inundated with inexpensive “safes” that provide very little or no protection at all. These safes can appear very robust, but the ugly truth is they are usually made of thin sheet metal with pencil thin locking bolts. These safes can literally be forced open within minutes by a burglar using nothing but a common screwdriver. Having one of these cheap safes is a gamble as it actually helps the burglar by grouping all your valuables into one easy-opening storage box. Make sure you buy a certified burglary protection safe.