We Buy Safes & Vaults

Do you have an old safe at home or at work that is no longer needed and it’s just sitting there taking up space? Well did you know your safe may be worth good cash money to us and we pay cash on the spot and we will even remove it for free at the same time. Here’s what to do: simply send us some pictures of the safe and we will handle the rest. So no matter whether you have an old antique safe, used bank safe or vault, a second hand fire proof safe or fire resistant filing cabinet or pre used jewelers safe give us a call today to discuss your pre used safe and get instant cash.

Safeguard Safes buy all types of pre-used safes and old vaults, of all brands and all sizes so if  you have an old Wormald safe, Ratner safe, Tank safe or Chubb safe, it may be worth good cash money and we’ll buy it off you. On top of offering top dollars which is paid on the spot, we will also provide a professional service to remove the unwanted safe or vault from your premises at no charge.

It is important to understand that due to the heavy structure and materials used in a safe , they can often weigh between 250kg to 2000kg. This means when it’s moved by an inexperienced person, it can cause major damage to both the person doing the move, and to your property. Furthermore, high security safe, antique safes and vintage safes have very complicated security locking mechanisms built within them that are extremely sensitive to movement. So when a safe or vault is not moved properly, the slightest accidental drop by those inexperienced people attempting the move could inadvertently trigger the relocking mechanism inside the second hand safe, resulting in the safe getting permanently locked up which then becomes a major expense. Therefore it’s crucial to get the job done by a professional removal company who knows what they’re doing. 

Our Safe removal team moves safes and vaults on a daily basis. With our extensive experience and knowledge, you can relax  knowing your old safe, vault or strong room door is being removed from your premises by our team of safe removal experts who have over 35 years of experience in the safe and vault industry.

If you have a used safe or vault you no longer need, such as a CMI safe, a Diplomat safe, a Guardall safe, or a Lord safe, simply email us the images of your used safe to wayne@safeguardgroup.com.au, or take photos with your mobile and send them directly to 0417 877 577, and we will call you back within a short time of receiving your information to discuss further. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call on 1300 764 971. Our friendly Staff will answer any enquiry you may have.