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Pre-Used Chubb High Security Safe No.242

Pre-Used Chubb High Security Safe No.242

Pre-Used Chubb High Security Safe No.242


$13,859.00 Inc GST


$4,999.00 Inc GST

External Dim (mm) H W D 1560 x 800 x 800
Internal Dim (mm) H W D
Locking Mechanism Combination
Weight (kg) -
Approximate Cash Rating $250,000
Fire Resistance 60 Minutes
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  • This safe is covered by our 3 MONTHS WARRANTY.
  • Please note: for a costing on the delivery & installation of this safe to your location, please give our safe expert a call on 0419 463 333, or alternatively email stating the location for delivery, pre-used safe number, your name & mobile number.
  • Take a closer look at the formidable Chubb torch and drill resistant ex-bank safe; it’s been designed to give a high degree of protection against all known forms of modern day attacks.
  • This fierce looking Chubb torch & drill resistance safe represents the result of over 200 years of experience in Chubb manufacturing and safe engineering.
  • This magnificent high quality Chbb ex banker torch and drill resistant safe incorporates all the latest scientific developments in barrier materials and engineering in safe making.
  • This Chubb torch and drill resisting banker & jewellery quality safe is designed for the protection of large volumes of cash, considerable amounts of jewellery, precious metals storage or other high value items including rare expensive coins or stamps or other collectables in fact this Chubb T.D.R. Safe was built to meet the needs of those businesses or individuals wanting a safe that offers the highest level of physical protection for the safe and secure holdings of high value items.
  • This Chubb torch and drill resistant ex bank safe is a real safe in every sense of the word. It has advanced security features and barrier materials that resist the most sophisticated and prolonged attacks with instruments such as oxy-acetylene, explosives, extreme force, sledge hammers and crowbars, high speed drills and grinders and a mixture of other powerful metal cutting tools, but most importantly this daunting safe has the strength to protect against a combination of these attacks.
  • Where this ex Chubb bank safe gets its super strength is in the massive door that contains torch and drill alloys which are highly resistant to attack whilst the hefty body obtains Chubbs very high strength security barrier material.
  • Two keyless combination locks activate the heavy thick steel moving bolts that engage into reinforced sections of the safe body to ensure solidarity between body and door.
  • Hardened anti-drill plates protect both blocks together with an automatic relocking device that are designed to render the locking bolts immovable if the door is attacked.
  • The removable lockable compartments provide internal security, strength and durability for storage of cash, securities, wills and any other documents requiring segregation under locked control inside a safe.
  • If you want peace of mind 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year around, this Chubb ex bank safe will be like having a mini bank vault at home or work providing a level of physical protection second to none.
  • Please allow an extra 80mm in depth for handle/digital lock/hinge projection
  • Please note, the weight of this safe, in our professional opinion only, is estimated to be approximately 2800kg

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