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Pre-Used Chubb High Security Safe No.311

Pre-Used Chubb High Security Safe No.311

Pre-Used Chubb High Security Safe No.311


$2,942.00 Inc GST


$1,899.00 Inc GST

External Dim (mm) H W D 1530 x 760 x 670
Internal Dim (mm) H W D 1370 x 610 x 515
Locking Mechanism Digital & Key
Weight (kg) -
Approximate Cash Rating 25,000
Fire Resistance 1 hour
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  • This safe is covered by our 3 MONTHS WARRANTY.
  • The high quality pre-used heavy duty Chubb ex-rifle safe cabinet has a large internal capacity with removable and adjustable shelves to optimize storage space, making it ideal as a rifle cabinet. Its large internal dimensions, which can accommodate most long arms would additionally be ideal for the storage of bulky items that require security – making this particular safe perfect for protecting valuable items such as expensive tools, cash floats, tobacco products, mobile phones, laptops, smart devices, photography equipment, designer handbags and other merchandise that needs to be locked away.
  • It has been designed and built with a good balance of both fire and burglary materials that provide resistance security.
  • The Chubb second-hand security cabinet safe provides dual protection against fire and theft, making it suitable for both home and business use. It is constructed with security features and barrier materials that offer resistance to attack from high speed drills and grinders, force, sledgehammers, and crowbars and a variety of other cutting instruments.
  • If you decide to invest in this Chubb gun cabinet safe, you’ll be getting a high-quality safe that provides three-way protection against theft, burglary, and fire, which makes it equivalent to having three safes in one.
  • The construction of this pre-used ex rifle safe includes high-security anti-pick key locking combined with a high security digital lock (which controls the heavy steel four-way locking bolt work that secures the hefty door closed and engages into the safe). The safe has a substantial size body, which is a strong interlocking structure to resist force and also prevents the door from being removed even if the hinges are dislodged.
  • Don’t be a burglar’s next target! This second-hand gun cabinet safe will meet the needs of the serious gun enthusiast. It is a high quality second-hand ex-firearm safe.
  • Please allow an extra 55mm in depth for handle/digital lock/hinge projection.
  • To prevent easy removal, this ex-rifle safe has been built as a heavy duty safe and is estimated to weigh approximately 700kg – strong and tough.
  • Its your responsibility to make sure your firearms are securely locked away, as insecure firearms are a potential danger to you and your family. The safe custody of guns will reduce the unfortunate consequences that may result from loss or theft .

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