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Pre-Used LORD High Security Safe No.227

Pre-Used LORD High Security Safe No.227

Pre-Used LORD High Security Safe No.227


$14,710.00 Inc GST


$5,979.00 Inc GST

External Dim (mm) H W D 1770 x 720 x 830
Internal Dim (mm) H W D 1590 x 550 x 530
Locking Mechanism Combination
Weight (kg) -
Approximate Cash Rating $250,000
Fire Resistance 60 Minutes
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  • This safe is covered by our 3 MONTHS WARRANTY.
  • Please note: for a costing on the delivery & installation of this safe to your location, please give our safe expert a call on 0419 463 333, or alternatively email stating the location for delivery, pre-used safe number, your name & mobile number.
  • This Australian safe is a high security Lord T.D.R series safe. It is made using the latest in materials and technology to ensure the highest possible security protection for large amounts of cash and jewellery, precious stones, silvers and gold bullion or other valuables.
  • This particular Lord safe offers maximum resistance to all forms of attack, for example it has torch & drill resistant materials applied in its construction. This torch attack protection will give resistance against thermal or oxy cutting instruments in the lock mechanisms and also activates the internal relocking mechanisms.
  • The explosive protection offered in this Lord Jewellery quality safe assures you should one or both locks be forced from them positions, the relocking device is designed to block the bolt work.
  • Being a top level Lord burglary & fire resistant safe, it has drill protection as various anti drill devices are incorporated including aldite which has a hardness comparable to that of diamonds. The extra massive door on this safe has a thickness of 200mm with the other defensive slab of 90mm incorporating torch & drill materials.
  • The body of this formidable Lord security safe has immense strength consisting of heavy outer casing and inner lining which is connected with reinforcement.
  • The cavity is fitted with high strength hardened materials and alloys to maximum resistance.
  • The safe is available with the six lockable compartments or alternatively six shelves at the same price as advertised.
  • The door is secured by a double keyless combination dial which locks the large 32mm diameter four way running bolts that connect the door to all slides of the safe body ensuring that the bolted door will defy all attempts from professional attacks.
  • This Lord cash safe would be particularly suited to the home or business where there is high sums of money, considerable amounts of jewellery or valuables.
  • Please allow an extra 55mm in depth for handle/digital lock/hinge projection
  • Please note, the weight of this safe, in our professional opinion only, is estimated to be approximately 2020kg

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