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Pre-Used High Security Safe No.17

Pre-Used High Security Safe No.17

Pre-Used High Security Safe No.17


$3,989.00 Inc GST


$1,499.00 Inc GST

External Dim (mm) H W D 1077 x 695 x 696
Internal Dim (mm) H W D 950 x 520 x 500
Locking Mechanism Digital
Weight (kg) -
Approximate Cash Rating $35,000
Fire Resistance 120 Minutes

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  • This safe is covered by our 3 MONTHS WARRANTY
  • This high security Wormald safe is a well designed and secure safe for the storage of cash, jewellery and other valuables.
  • It also has a 2 hour fire rating, making it ideal for the protection of important documents such as passports, wills, titles and legal paperwork, etc.
  • This particular imposing safe has been designed for the purpose of protecting its contents from fire, theft and damage.
  • The security features and barrier materials applied in the construction of this safe give it a high resistance against varying kinds of burglary attack from such tools as high speed grinders and drills, explosives, sledge hammers, crow bars and other common methods of attack frequently used by criminals.
  • Take a closer look at the specifications that give this awesome safe its super strength.
  • The hefty body is constructed of an inner and outer steel plate lining enclosing an 80 mm thick formula of fire and theft resistant barrier materials.
  • The impressive steel door is a 80 mm thick slab of the same fire and theft resistant barrier materials used in the safe’s body.
  • An unique “tongue and groove” interlock between the door and body resists forced entry.
  • The pre-used security safe has an automatic boltwork system installed that positively secures the door and body by three way solid moving boltwork at the top, bottom and opening side whilst fixed bolts on the hinge side prevents the door from being removed even if the hinges are dislodged.
  • Another advantage of the automatic boltwork is when the door is closed, the bolts automatically engage into the body and enable quick and easy security of the safe.
  • A high quality precision electronic digital lock secures the door and activates the boltwork.
  • Removable shelves allow for optimum storage space whilst the lockable drawers give additional security.
  • If you decide this certified safe is the right safe for your needs, you’ll be investing in a high quality safe that has been independently tested in accordance with standards for fire resistance classification to carry a 2 hour rating.
  • Please note, the weight of this safe, in our professional opinion only, is estimated to be approximately 400kg

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