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Pre-Used Chubb High Security Safe No.427

Pre-Used Chubb High Security Safe No.427

Pre-Used Chubb High Security Safe No.427


$4,836.00 Inc GST


$2,599.00 Inc GST

External Dim (mm) H W D 810 x 630 x 570
Internal Dim (mm) H W D 670 x 490 x 385
Locking Mechanism Digital & Key
Weight (kg) -
Approximate Cash Rating $50,000
Fire Resistance 60 Minutes

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  • This safe is covered by our 3 MONTHS WARRANTY.
  • This heavy duty Chubb safe is suitable for the office or home. It’s a high security safe offering various protection for large sums of money, jewellery, valuables and important documents.
  • This particular Chubb safe gives excellent protection against fire and burglary as it has been designed & constructed with hi-strength materials combined with Chubb anti-attack security features that make this daunting safe highly resistant to the most forms of criminal attack by tools including metal cutting techniques, explosive force, high speed grinders & drills and sledge hammers & crowbars as well as a collection of other well known instruments used frequently by criminals.
  • Some of the advanced security features constructed in this highly Chubb safe are the substantial door which is 100mm thick with a 8mm solid steel defensive section whilst it incorporates anti-drill protection together with automotive relocking devices that are designed to render the 32mm solid steel locking boltwork immovable if the safe is attacked.
  • The body of this safe contains Chubbs special reinforced high – strength fire & theft resistant barrier material.
  • The safe has dual locking for extra security being the best quality Chubb anti pick safe key lock together with a high security digital lock.
  • It’s also worth mentioning that the safe has a full length heavy steel anti-pry bar at the rear of the door that resists extreme force whilst also preventing removal of the door even if the hinge is cut off.
  • It is rare we get such awesome Chubb medium size safe with advanced security features manually reserved for use on the highest level security safes.
  • This Chubb safe has the perfect balance of fire & burglary protection all in one safe so don’t risk your hard earned possessions being stolen, damaged and destroyed in a fire. This is a cheap investment which will give you a full-time guard to your items 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year round.
  • Please allow an extra 50mm in depth for handle/digital lock/hinge projection
  • Please note, the weight of this safe, in our professional opinion only, is estimated to be approximately 410kg

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