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Pre-Used John Tann High Security Safe No.543

Pre-Used John Tann High Security Safe No.543

Pre-Used John Tann High Security Safe No.543


$12,798.00 Inc GST


$5,998.00 Inc GST

External Dim (mm) H W D 1580 x 790 x 800
Internal Dim (mm) H W D 1320 x 530 x 430
Locking Mechanism Combination
Weight (kg)
Approximate Cash Rating $250,000
Fire Resistance 60 Minutes
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  • This safe is covered by our 3 MONTHS WARRANTY.
  • Please note: for a costing on the delivery & installation of this safe to your location, please give our safe expert a call on 0419 463 333, or alternatively email stating the location for delivery, pre-used safe number, your name & mobile number.
  • The heavy moving boltwork is deadlocked by two of Chubb’s high quality keyless combination locks that are protected by hardened drill resistant steel plates.
  • This particular John Tann ex-bank class safe has relocking deadlocking devices installed that cut as a back-up in an attack on the locks and are designed to render the locking bolts immovable if the door is attacked.
  • As additional security in the bank environment, this Chubb T.D.R safe has 4 independent lockable compartments with double key locking to create from different safes in one, and the bottom lockable compartment has a deposit slot for quick and easy deposits of cash or valuables.
  • This formidable John Tann ex bank safe would be ideal as a home or business safe for increased cash & jewellery or valuable holdings is vital.
  • The John Tann bankers quality safe were widely listed in shopping centres, banks, financial institutions, credit unions and building societies, poker venues, post offices and more where the protection of cash & valuables was crucial.
  • This John Tann ex bank safe will provide you with peace of mind in a world where there is an increasing number of theft & stealers everyday.
  • This John Tann high security ex bank safe represents the ultimate in high risk protection.
  • It incorporates state of the art security features that provide a high level of defensive against all known forms of professional attack so it can physically resist such advanced attacks including oxy-acetylene flame, high speed drills & grinders, modern explosives, pneumatic and hydraulic cutting tools and a variety of other metal cutting techniques.
  • This ex-bank safe was designed and constructed for the protection for substantial sums of cash, and other valuables.
  • This particular safe was selected by the banking industry because its defence is made up of John Tanns T.D.R torch & drill resistant barrier materials and specialised security features. Some of these include the massive door and body which is protected by armourplate, reinforcing mesh and high strength security concrete whilst the 3 way boltwork system secures the door to the body with 42mm thick steel bolts that engage directly into reinforced sections of the body being 5 drawer the front edge 2 top and 2 bottom together with a full height anti-pry bar that gives enormous protection against force and also prevents the removal of the door should the hinges be dislodged.
  • Please allow an extra 50mm in depth for handle/digital lock/hinge projection
  • Please note, the weight of this safe, in our professional opinion only, is estimated to be approximately 2500kg

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