Cash and fire ratings are very important and are provided to assist you, the consumer with a easy and reliable way of ascertaining the security, fire rating and quality of the safe you may be considering purchasing. These cash, jewellery and valuable ratings help you make the best choice for your needs and the security and fire rating required so when you are selecting a safe you can purchase with confidence knowing you have a premium quality safe.

Safeguard safes knows the importance of these ratings as a way for the consumer to distinguish the quality and level of security and fire protection of the safe. Certifications are also relevant to what you plan to store in the safe as these ratings give you a clear understanding of the protection and security of the safe.

Most customers will usually purchase a safe for the purpose of storing something of high importance or value to them being irreplaceable items, cash, jewellery or other valuables, so the mere fact that you have decided to store them in a safe means they have a value to you so make sure you select a quality safe with certified burglary and fire ratings.

Our cash, jewellery and valuables rating will also help you asses your insurance coverage needs  and will provide a official and reliable documentation about your safe for you to present to your insurance company to comply with there needs and give you the best protection.

Cash and Fire Ratings Explained:

The majority of good quality safes will come with a independent security or fire rating or both. The rating will indicate how much you can store in the safe being the combined value of your cash, jewellery, valuables ect so in the unlikely event that your safe is burgled and the contents stolen or destroyed you may be able to claim the valued amount back from your insurance company. Remember to always confirm your individual insurance requirements with your insurance company.

Burglary and Cash Ratings:

Why it is important to only choose a quality safe that is labelled with industry standard certification that complies with burglary and security resistance. These ratings where established many years ago by the insurance industry based on the construction and security features contained within the manufacturing of the safe, and also provides the consumer an extra level of confidence when purchasing a safe. The ratings or certification of a quality safe usually indicates the level of protection the safe will provide in guarding the contents stored within it and also the time it takes for a burglar to attempt to force open the safe by such methods as high speed drills or grinders, oxy – acetylene attack, excessive prying, physical force or other various tools or techniques. Depending on how long the safe successfully resists entry when attacked will usually determine the insurance industries cash, jewellery or valuables rating given.


Construction Rating:

This relates to burglar protection and is determined by the specifications of the safe being materials and security features the manufacturers incorporate in the construction of the safe. The higher levels of protection involved in the construction means the higher rating given. For example – special barrier materials used in the safes body and contained between the inner and outer walls of the safe also the thickness of the steel plate used on the front section of the door. Other security features may include the locking devices and how many used on the door to secure it EG: electronic digital locking, keyless combination dial locking, high security anti – pick resistant key lock, anti hold up time delay locks or alternatively a combination of dual locking.

More key features that will determine the safes rating may include the number of automatic re-locking devices supplied within the safes door, these will automatically activate in the event of an attempted attack by force. Other considerations will be the heavy solid locking bolt work securing the door locked and the thickness of these bolts and the movement operation 2 or 4 way and the number of bolts provided.

Performance Rating:

The performance rating usually indicates the level of protection the safe will provide in guarding the contents stored within it and also the time it takes for an attempted burglar to gain entry by such methods as high speed drills, grinders, excessive prying, oxy-acetylene or various other tampering attacks.

Where a higher level of security is required to protect excessive amounts of jewellery, cash and valuables to be protected to meet insurance requirements. Various high security features can be added and installed onto an existing safe to give it maximum protection, this will significantly increase the insurance rating of your safe. This may include protective electronic devices which can be connected and integrated into an existing alarm system or sensitive seismic detectors installed on the door which will give an early warning of attack by such means as heat, high speed drills or grinders, impact or explosives.

Based on this information a professional insurance risk surveyor may suggest or recommend a realistic cash and valuables rating for that particular safe from anywhere between $3000 – $1 million in an unsupported situation (being no monitored alarm system). Where a monitored back-to-base alarm system is installed the cash and valuables rating will usually be increased significantly.